Bryan Murray and Cletus Pieschke - Fair Parking lot

Darcy Findlay - Fish Findlay Classic 3 vs 3 Mens 18+ Hockey Tournament

Welcome to the Shawville and District Minor Hockey (SDMHA) website.

Our association provides organized minor hockey programs mandated and sanctioned by Hockey Quebec and Hockey Canada. Our programs begin with the initiation (MAHG) program that teaches the fundamentals of hockey and ends with the dynamics and adrenaline of fast-paced Midget-level action.

 Enjoy an evening out!  You will enjoy Bluegrass, Country and Gospel music performed by one of Eastern Canada's top Bluegrass Bands -- The Northern Sons.  Click on poster for all information.

Tickets are available:

1)  From Any SDMHA Registered Hockey Player

2)  By contacting Jaime Christie at

3)  Dépanneur Pontiac in Luskville

(If you would like to add your business as a ticket location, please email


More details on the Facebook Event:  CLICK HERE

Msg Imp
The SDMHA has agreed to implement a pilot project aimed at encouraging young players to join.  For the 2016/17 season, we will be offering registration at $150.00 per player. (+$50 Mandatory Fundraising Fee for Hockey Drafts.)

This will be a trial year, if we are able to attract enough players to cover the fixed costs associated with this level, we will continue with this incentive in the future.

In addition, there is an organization in Aylmer that can provide free equipment to those requiring assistance.  You can consult the following link for more information on this Hockey Access program.

Please spread the word, let’s encourage our community to play hockey!

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